• How will I know if the damaged car I buy is repairable?
    We will tell you if the vehicle is a Repairable Write-off or a Statutory Write-off.

  • What is a Repairable write-off?
    A Repairable write-off is a vehicle which has been damaged but can be repaired and re-licensed.

  • What is a Statutory write-off?
    A Statutory write-off is a vehicle which cannot be repaired or re-licensed.

  • Does my vehicle have to be inspected before I take it to Department of Transport for a pit inspection?
    If you repair the vehicle it will need to go to an Approved Provider for inspection before going over the pits. For detailed information please go to the following site: Get my vehicle inspected or moved (transport.wa.gov.au)

  • What types of payment do you accept?
    We accept bank cheque, cash, direct debit and credit card. Every credit card transaction incurs a 1% surcharge.

  • Can I drive an unlicensed road-worthy vehicle home?
    You can drive an unlicensed roadworthy vehicle home by applying for a moving permit with Department of Transport on 13 11 56. A small fee is applicable.

NOTE: If it is your intention to restore and re-register a damaged vehicle for road use, it is your responsibility to check with the Registering Authority that the vehicle can be re-registered prior to commencing work.